Epic Museum Dublin

  • 21st November 2019

On Friday afternoon, we will take a well -deserved break from the conference meetings and bring you to a unique and historic Irish Museum.

In the world’s first and only fully-digital museum, you will discover the essence of being Irish. This expands far beyond the borders of Ireland through the stories of Irish emigrants who went on to become Scientists, Politicians, Poets, Artists and even Outlaws!

You will be given your very own Personal Irish Passport to take you on your journey around this wonderful museum. Ireland is as much Bodhráns and Tin Whistles as it is Bruce Springsteen or Rihanna concerts. You will witness how Irish Music has influenced everything from pop music to rock music, whilst putting your feet to work by following the steps of the world famous Riverdance.

If you are of Irish descent, you can discover some of your own history with a consultant from the genealogy service partners in the museum; you can even give your ancestors the recognition they deserve by adding their name in to   “The Power of a Name” exhibition. They may have left Ireland, but the legacy of their names will live on forever.

To top things off, you will discover Ireland from the outside in and find out why saying “I’m Irish” is one of the biggest conversation starters, no matter where you are.